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Sunday, September 05, 2004
wad a day.....

today.. can bcome maid like dat... was forced to go back hm frm ma grannys.. by my sis.. coz her frens wana come over.. so she asked me to kemas umah do dis n dat.. blabla... was so pissed.. clean da hs.. den at nyt got nagged at by mom say i didnt do housewerk.. blabla.. told me to lipat baju.. angkat the things put inside her room.. damn i was so pissed off.. all my hardwerk.. gone to waste.. do sumtyn good at hm and stil get scolded... fer doin NUTIN.. seesh... wadeva... y am i treated like dis at home... im so sick of it.. haiz... being pushed around.. telling me wad to do.. dis n dat.. its SO irritating... this week holiday.. but hafta go back skool everyday... seriously im not in da exam mood.. n i really cant b bothered.. tho ive promised fiq dat i will get a place in poly.. haiz.. i really dun think ican ever make it tru o's.. n im practically doin nutin bout it.... damn im sick of everything.. nuff so not in da mood....

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Friday, September 03, 2004
been a looonggg time...........

heya ppl.. sorry been bz lately... prelims in 1 week *shrugz* im so dead man...hmm.. not much happened these few days.. normal everyday at hm get scoldings even if i did no rong.. dishes clothes blabla.. jadi maid pat umah pon bagos.. haiz... nvm...exam is like drawing near... n im so in deep shit.. blurgh... wadeva.. im so not confident...endure... 2 more months n im out of dat darn skool....i miss ma galfrens... especially suzi!! whos always bz wit her training... haha.. im not involved in wadah.. dats y.. yeay!! gonna meet u gals 2m!! but ill b late ya.. hav to go taufiq's fren's wedding... hopefully i can make it on tym... no way am i goin to tapac in baju kurung.. haha...nway... today.. hmm.. nutin much happened.. skipped my history mock exam.. blurgh.. was rainin so went slackin with shikin n sya... eda emy n jame went to da beach i think.. yep so went back at 2+.. fiq picked me up nearly 4.. went for his lunch cum dinner.. but sadly his uncle passed away.. so we had to go bk his place he got changed blabla.. wait for his sis to call... den he sent me to my grannys den he went off to aunts place for basically dat was my wad a very long entry.. haha...suzi aziela shameela n waty darlingz!!! i mish u ppl!!!! oh n my darling cuzin sham also.. n my darling taufiq oso!! haha!! muaks!!! tata!!!

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Saturday, August 21, 2004
wad a saturday.....

i woke up late.. didnt go for social studies mock exam.. haiz..
woke up at 10.. bath n all.. help granny wit da groceries..
went out wit aunt(da 24yrold 1 la..) n sis.. went to tamp..
couldnt follow ma galfrens to town.. haiz.. sorry darlings..
didnt send food to taufiq at his station.. sorry darling..
sham did da job for me... haha.. so at least taufiq ate sumtyn.. : )
sham had to go sumwer so we didnt met up.. so bored...
zul foxy cancelled our plan to play pool.. n i didnt follow him n shah(charles) to hrc.. haha.. no ic la dei... heheks... basically dats my day... so now slackin at gaannys wit my sis n aunt n her frens... so goodnyt ppl!!

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

woa been a long long tym since i last updated.. malas uh.. n no time oso.. haha.. nutin much happened.. been goin out n not studyin as much.. 1 more mth to prelims 3 more mth to olevel.. so im dead.. haha.. haiz.. dunno la.. i miss my lalings!! all of em!! heheks...
ok im bored.. wana complete my hmwk.. so ya round.. again.. til my next update... toodles!!

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

hah.. yest watched suzi perform.. quite ok la. tarian harvest.. simplest dance ive ever learnt.. haha.. u did great gal.. kehkehe.. was der with flap n dino.. bos tak turon.. ade hal.. so after dat hopin to go out da 4 of us.. but in d end suzi had to go bk tapac for training.. haiz.. so left da 3 of us.. da cam tourist.. tatao nak gi mana.. nak wat apa.. haha.. so i had to survey prices for flipflops.. my sista asked me 2.. yup so im not da bugis gal.. lucky flap ada.. haha.. so he was our tourguide.. hehe.. so yep.. gonna go down again wit my sis dunno wen.. yeah.. gonna ketok her.. i want dat stupid jack daniels shirt!! ive been eyein on it seh.. oh n da black or green 3/4 pants yg cam berkedut pat bottom tepi dier... haiz.. go out no $ susah siak.. met up wit man afta dat.. sik kene bully jer ngan drg.. wic of coz pissed me off.. kene bully coz deva n suzi takde.. haiz.. my sista saved me.. met her den went hm.. oh yeah she bought some bikinis n sleeveless for designing.. bila la aku leh pakai ehk..wakhaka.. badan tak lawa.. tsktsk..takpe la... gonna meet suzi later.. ada apa performance ntah pat tpjc.. so yep to b updated.. tata..

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Friday, July 30, 2004

mood : lazy n sleepy
missing : suzi n da guyz..
wad i did just now : skool.. skipped ssp
wad gona do lata : go bugis meet da guyz.. watch suzi perform
at nyt : study

im bored... blurgh...
gonna b really bz.. so wont b updatin much for now..

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
its tight!!!

hah.. yest skool was ok.. been 2 days since i  went for da self study pragramme.. yest show was ok la.. but quite a sad thing to c da no. of ppl who watced da performance..wakhakha.. n like 3/4 of da ppl are frm sriwana itself.. haha.. but im so touched dat ma chinese galfren came.. heheks.. n my parents were so kecoh.. ishk.. paiseh.. suzi!!! u came!!! but alone... dey said dey tired.. haiz.. k da show.. ok ah.. but dat gal.. u noe i noe.. stil as irritatin as eva.. wateva.. n its like i had to rush frm 1 item to another.. so i ended up goin on stage late.. ishk.. lagik malu.. den both items my baju was tight!! n singkat!! double malu!!! my kelopak so high.. n da hair was like as hard as rock...wakahkha.. haiz... in d end me n shameela didnt go back to tapac wit da seniors.. we went to eat at bk.. n i forgot to bring ezlink.. so taufik (my  daling cuzie's colleague) fetched me.. n today i got show.. dunno where.. doin persembahan n da shorter version of kasih tak sudah.. i think.. hafta b der by 5.. coz need to learn da steps.. den cepat2 make up.. n leave by 6.45.. haiz.. gonna b rushing again.. tsktsk.. rosak muka gue hari2 make up tebal2.. tsktsk... k i better get goin now coz its like oredy 4.30pm.. lucky dad anta.. haha.. so.. c ya round.. toodles!!! muakz!! suzi i miss u !!! haha!!! padahal smlm da jumpe.. tapi skejap je.. :)

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